How To Deal With Magic Runes In Tibia

Published: 09th December 2009
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As you get more adept at using magic, you will need to learn how to deal with runes. Runes are little stones which absorb magic much like a sponge absorbs water. While the majority of spells work instantly, there is a whole class of spells which only work with these stones. The magic of the spell is stored in the runes to be released at a later date when it is needed. Blank as well as already charged runes can be purchased from magic shops in the cities. Blank runes may not be cheap, but for a business-minded druid or sorcerer they provide a very good opportunity to make lots of money. Charged runes are even more expensive but you do not depend on mana or soul points to obtain them.
To cast a spell upon a blank rune, the rune needs to be held in your hand as you speak the magic words. In this way, and with enough mana and soul points, you can cast the same spell on 2 runes at once - this does not save mana or soul points, but it may save time. Once the spell is cast successfully the rune will change colour and shape. You can now use the rune like any normal, usable item by right-clicking on it, then selecting "Use with ...". Your mouse pointer will turn into crosshairs. Move it on the target in the game window and confirm by clicking on the left mouse button. Note that if you are aiming a rune at a creature, you do not have to click on the creature itself. Simply find the name of your unfortunate, soon-to-be-toasted enemy in the battle list and click on it - you will find this will make targeting runes a lot easier.
Some runes can only be used once, while others can be used up to 99 times. If a rune has more than one charge left, a little number in the upper right corner beside your rune displays the amount of the remaining charges provided you have it in some container such as your backpack or your depot. Note that the use of runes requires a certain magic level as well as a certain experience level, so initially your character will not be able to use runes. You can find out the magic level required to use a rune by looking at it, the needed experience level can be looked up in the spells section. The experience level there, however, does not only show the level needed to use a rune, but also the level needed to create a rune.
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