How to Learn Magic Spells in Tibia

Published: 05th February 2010
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Tibia, as you know, is a land of magic. There are many powerful spells to learn and master. You will soon find out that magic is one of those things you just can't do without, even if you are a knight. On a basic level, spells can provide you with food, ammunition or light, while later on you will learn how to heal yourself or to fry your enemies with deadly bolts of magical energy. In addition to spells, those who are skilled in the arts of magic are able to wield powerful wands and rods in combat. Finally, experienced spell casters learn the arcane art of binding spells of great power into runes. For a comprehensive list of all known spells please see the magic section in the library.

When starting out on your travels on the island of Rookgaard, you will find that you are unable to cast any spell. Once you have left Rookgaard and arrive on the Island of Destiny, you will not only select your vocation but also learn your very first spell. By speaking the magic words Utevo Lux, you will activate the inherent magic energy of your immediate surrounding to provide you with a decent light source for about ten minutes.

Once you have made it to the main continent, your character will be able to learn many more spells that are useful in various situations. Spells are taught by several NPCs - against a hefty fee, of course! Unfortunately, it is not possible to give an extensive list of all NPCs who can teach spells to characters, because there are too many of them. Magic shops are good places to start looking for such inhabitants, but you will not always find the spell you are looking for there, especially if you are a knight or a paladin. If you do not know where to find the local magic spell dealer for your vocation, you should ask some experienced players - preferably those who are of your own vocation. To buy spells greet the NPC, then ask him for spells. The spell dealer will present you with a choice of the spells. Spells require a minimum experience level to be used, so if you have just come over from Rookgaard you should ask for level 8 spells. Enter the name of the spell you would like to buy and confirm the deal. Provided you have the required cash you will now be able to cast the spell.

A word of advice: If you have not received a spellbook on the Island of Destiny, you should scrape your hard earned gold pieces together and buy one. Spellbooks can be bought in any of the quaint magic shops within the major cities of Tibia, or you may be able to buy them from your fellow travellers. Spellbooks are helpful, especially when you are just setting out. They will record all your spells, and although later on you will become so good at casting spells that you will not need to look them up every time, starting off with a spellbook is a good idea. Additionally, druids and sorcerers can use spellbooks like a shield to protect them from attacks.

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