Tibia Annihilator Quest Guide

Published: 06th January 2010
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Annihilator Quest is one of the Regular quest needs level 100 to do it ,after you finished it,you can get Demon Armor, Magic Sword, Stonecutter Axe or Annihilator Bear for your reward,it lasts less than 1 hour.

Notes: This is one of the hardest quests in Tibia (maybe hardest). You will need to be well prepared for this quest. Read all things in the Quest guide.

Required items

Pic Item Amount Loot from

Rope 1 Black Knight, Hero, Island Troll, Man In The Cave, Troll


Wild Warrior

135 HP

60 Exp


120 HP

90 Exp


150 HP

150 Exp

Minotaur Mage

155 HP

150 Exp

Minotaur Guard

185 HP

160 Exp


260 HP

170 Exp


240 HP

200 Exp

Demon Skeleton

400 HP

240 Exp


390 HP

420 Exp


1000 HP

700 Exp


1400 HP

1200 Exp


8200 HP

6000 Exp

Quest guide

Before trying to reach the quest you will need to be well prepared. You will need a team of 4 players. The knights in the team should bring a big amount of great health potions to be abble to heal alot. Paladins should bring at least 100 Assassin Stars (you will not use them all) and alot Strong Health Potions to heal with. Mages should bring fire resistant equipment (Magma Monocle, Magma Coat, Magma Legs and Magma Boots, Dragon Necklace if possible), also a big number of great mana potions and maybe UHs. Except that it's recomended to use Might Rings, Elven Amulets and Stone Skin Amulets.

You will need to suvive to kill at least 2 Demons in a room with 6 Demons. You will need to form teams and think out the tactics. If you go in a team with 3 Paladins and 1 Knight the easiest tactics are for the Paladins to shoot Assassin Stars and for the knight to block and attack with a Melee weapon. The paladins need to heal very fast to suvive (2 Strong Health Potions give around 600-800hp in 2 seconds), for the knight it will be easier to suvive (2 Great Health Potions give around 1200-1300hp in 2 seconds). It might be hard and waste for a team with only knights to finish (only 1 knight can attack the 2 Demons in the front). A team with 4 Druids should use Enternal Winter to kill the Demons. For a team with 4 Sorcerers it might be hard to kill the Demons with Rage of the Skies because Demons are strong to energy but it is possible. Another tactic that could be used for a team of 3 Mages and 1 Knight is that the knight block and attack while the 3 mages shoot Icicle runes and use great mana potions twice (heal with UH in case) between each shot, also Hailstorm Rod would help. Mages should use manashield all the time if possible.

Now you know the basic tactics you can use but it all depends on the team.

Only one team can go to the quest room in a day (from the server save to the next server save). If you are going to make the quest you will need to reach the place for the Annihilator Quest. It's located in Edron Hero cave. Follow this map from Edron to reach the Edron Hero Cave:

The lightblue line is at higher floor.

Now go down and continue like this map shows (Wild Warriors here):

Now go down again and follow the map (Demon Skeletons, Bat, Hunter, Priestess, Wild Warriors and Beholder on this path):

Now go down again and follow the next map (Demon Skeletons, Wild Warriors and Monk here):

After you went down again prepare to face Dragons and follow this map:

At the next floor there is 1 Hero and 2 Monks, just follow the map:

Now follow the last map (Stalkers, Minotaur Mages, Hunters, Minotaur Guards Monks and Priestess on the way):

There will be a lvl 100+ door here. Go through it.

People that want to wish you luck can stand outside.

Now you will need to set your positions on the 4 switches you find here. The blocker or strongest player should stand at the switch near the lever.

You have to be ready for this, don't pull the lever unless everyone in the team is prepared.

Now let the action begin. Good luck!

If you managed to complete the quest you can enter to reward room and choose your price. Choose Demon Armor, Magic Sword, Stonecutter Axe or a Present Bag that contains Annihilator Bear. Make a wise decision. If you died and failed the quest you can always try again. But of course you can't go back to the room with Demons once again if you managed to complete the quest.

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