Tibia Assassin Outfit Quest Guide

Published: 15th January 2010
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Assassin outfit quest is one of the outfit quest loaction at port hope with a minimum level of 0.You will get assassin outfit for your reward after you finished the quest and you will take about more than 2 hours to do it. Notes:You will need the beer to talk with Vescu, you can also use other drinks that make you drunk.

Required items

Pic Item Amount Loot from

Machete 1 Orc Spearman

Beer 1

Beholder Eyes 30 Beholder, Braindeath, Elder Beholder, The Evil Eye

Red Dragon Scales 10 Demodras, Dragon Lord

Lizard Scales 30 Lizard Sentinel, Lizard Snakecharmer, Lizard Templar

Fish Fins 20 Quara Constrictor, Quara Constrictor Scout, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Quara Mantassin, Quara Mantassin Scout, Quara Pincher, Quara Pincher Scout, Quara Predator, Quara Predator Scout, Thul

Vampire Dusts 20 Vampire

Demon Dusts 10

Warrior's Sweat 1 Undead Gladiator



20 HP

5 Exp


15 HP

10 Exp


29 HP

18 Exp

Swamp Troll

55 HP

25 Exp


70 HP

30 Exp

Terror Bird

300 HP

150 Exp


150 HP

160 Exp

Quest guide


Collect the items needed before starting this quest to save time. After you collected the items needed get to Vescu north of Port Hope, here:

Cut the grass with the machete and drink a Beer to talk with him. Talk with him like this:


You: Hi

Vescu: Hey t-there, you look like someone who enjoys a good booze.

You: Sober

Vescu: I wish there was like a potion which makes you sober in an instant. Dwarven rings wear off so fast.

You: Potion

Vescu: It's so hard to know the exact time when to stop drinking. C-could you help me to brew such a potion?

You: Yes

Vescu: You're a true buddy. I promise I will t-try to avoid killing you even if someone asks me to. ...

Vescu: Listen, I have this old formula from my grandma. It says... 30 beholder eyes... 10 red dragon scales. ...

Vescu: Then 30 lizard scales... 20 fish fins - ew, this sounds disgusting, I wonder if this is really a potion or rather a cleaning agent. ...

Vescu: Add 20 ounces of vampire dust, 10 ounces of demon dust and mix well with one flask of warrior's sweat. ...

Vescu: Okayyy, this is a lot... we'll take this step by step. Will you help me gathering 30 beholder eyes?

You: Yes

Vescu: G-good. Go get them, I'll have a beer in the meantime.

You: Bye

Vescu: T-time for another b-beer.

Collect the items if you haven't collected them yet and talk with him like this (remember your Machete and Beer):


You: Hi

Vescu: Hey t-there, you look like someone who enjoys a good booze.

You: 30 Beholder Eyes

Vescu: Have you really managed to bring me 30 beholder eyes?

You: Yes

Vescu: Aw-awsome! Squishy! Now, please bring me 10 red dragon scales.

You: 10 Red Dragon Scales

Vescu: D-did you get all of the 10 red dragon scales?

You: Yes

Vescu: G-good work, ... wha-what's your name again? Anyway... come back with 30 lizard scales.

You: 30 Lizard Scales

Vescu: Ah, are those - - the 30 lizard scales?

You: Yes

Vescu: This potion will become p-pretty scaly. I'm not sure yet if I want to d-drink that. I think the 20 fish fins which come next won't really improve it.

You: 20 Fish Fins

Vescu: Eww, is that disgusting smell coming from the 20 fish fins?

You: Yes

Vescu: Alrrrrrrright! Thanks for the f-fish. Get me the 20 ounces of vampire dust now. I'll have another b-beer.

You: 20 Vampire Dusts

Vescu: Have you collected 20 ounces of vampire d-dust?

You: Yes

Vescu: Tha-thank you. Trolls are good for something a-after all. Bring me the 10 ounces of demon dust now.

You: 10 Demon Dusts

Vescu: Have you slain enough d-demons to gather 10 ounces of demon dust?

You: Yes

Vescu: G-great. You're a reeeal k-killer like me, eh? I think I'll g-give you something fun when the potion is complete. But first, b-bring me warrior's sweat.

You: Warrior's Sweat

Vescu: This s-smells even worse than the fish fins. Is that warrior's sweat?

You: Yes

Vescu: Yahaha! Here we g-go. I'll just take a small sip - . Okay, this is disgusting, but it seems to work. I'll teach you something fun, remind me to tell you a secret sometime.

You: Secret

Vescu: Right. Since you helped me to b-brew that potion and thus ensured the high quality of my work , I'll give you my old assassin costume. It lacks the head part, but it's almost like new. Don't pretend to be me though, 'kay?

You: Bye

Vescu: T-time for another b-beer.

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