Tibia Banshee Quest Guide

Published: 15th December 2009
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You will probably need a big team for this quest unless you got a high level friend that can clean the quest for you and your friends. Everyone can help with the whole quest except the last mission. There are seven seals. You can do the six first in which order you want but the last one can only be made after you finished the six seals.

Seal 1: The Hidden Seal

The Hidden Seal is probably the easiest seal but probably the most tactical except for the third seal (seal of Demonrage, also known as Warlock seal). Start the quest in Carlin and get to Ghostland.Now go down. Follow this map and go up by roping yourself.Now you will have to get to the right building.

The lightblue circle shows the 2 magic walls that need to be moved. There are 2 switches, if you look at the blue circle it leads to the switch that removes the first magic wall. The red circle goes to the switch that removes the second magic wall. The problem is that the magic wall will come back quite fast. Therefore it's recomended to do like this: Let someone pull the first switch to remove the first magic wall then let the player run back and block the spot of the first magic wall.

Now let the other player get to the second switch and pull it, now the first players should move to the second spot and let a creature block the first magic wall. If you can't do like this you should let the second player pull the first switch and run back. Now don't move until the second player arrives, let the other player/players take follow on you so you manage to get past without the 2 magic walls coming back.

But before you do this you need to know the location of the switches. For the first switch follow the next maps.Now go down, there will be a Giant Spider here. Kill it and pull the switch.You can't go back the same way. You need to go down the hole nearby. Just go west (Poison Spiders here). Rope yourself up and go up again.To get to the second switch you will need to get to the red circle first.

After you went up there will be 2 Scorpions, 3 Ghouls and 2 Demon Skeletons here. Kill them and go inside the building. There will be some Scorpions, Ghouls, 2 Stalkers, 2 Beholders and Demon Skeletons here. Kill them and pull the switch.After you managed get past the magic walls just go down the hole and go to this place (Ghouls, Stalkers, Ghosts and Demon Skeletons )Pull the lever in the corner to make a ladder appear.

After you went down you will need to go through the teleporter. There won't be anything dangerous here. There's an invisible teleport that teleports you north if you walk too much south. You will need to pick a hole and go down instead. Go through the flame here. Each time someone goes through there will be 2 Ghosts and 1 Demon Skeleton summoned.After you went through the flame just go back (don't worry there won't be any creatures here).

Seal 6: Seal of Logic

After you went up continue south and go upstairs here and then go down the stairs.There will be Stalkers, Ghosts and Demon Skeletons here.There will be 6 switches here. The switches should be pulled.Go through the flame and go through the teleporter.

Seal 5: The seal of truth path

Now you will need to get to the stairs here (Stalkers, Ghosts and Demon Skeletons on this path)There will be switchplates here. Walk on the switchplates on the same path the gold is showing and go through the flame.Just go back through the teleporter like you did before on the first 2 seals.

Seal 4: The seal of sacrifice

You will need to spill the blood on the field.Just step on the field and go trough the flame. Do like you did on the other seals.

Seal 3: Seal of Demonrage

This might be the hardest seal on Banshee quest. You will need to kill 2 Warlocks for each player stepping on special fields. But first go up the stairs near the foruth seal.Now just go down the ladder here.Watch out there will spawn 2 Warlocks each time someone that haven't stepped on the switchplates will step on them.After every team member done this part you will need to pull the switches in the right order. You can see in which order you need to pull the switches by the gold coins on this screenshot.Now walk through the flame and do the same like you did on other seals.

Seal 2: The plague seal

Now go up the stairs and the ladder.You will need to put the white pearl and the black pearl.Now go through the teleporter and walk north and through the flame, now get back through the other teleporter.

Seal 7: The Kiss of the Banshee Queen

Now go back to the stairs near the Giant Spiders and go up.Go down, there will be 4 Banshees, some Stalkers, Mummies and Ghosts here. It's best to use big areal spells.Now you will need to talk with The Queen of the Banshees like this (make sure you will have battle sign off when talking with her):


You: Hi

The Queen of the Banshee: Be greeted, dear visitor. Come and stay ... a while.

You: Seventh Seal

The Queen of the Banshee: If you have passed the first six seals and entered the blue fires that lead to the chamber of the seal you might receive my kiss ... It will open the last seal. Do you think you are ready?

You: Yes

The Queen of the Banshee: Yessss, I can sense you have passed the seal of sacrifice. Have you passed any other seal yet?

You: Yes

The Queen of the Banshee: I sense you have passed the hidden seal as well. Have you passed any other seal yet?

You: Yes

The Queen of the Banshee: Oh yes, you have braved the plague seal. Have you passed any other seal yet?

You: Yes

The Queen of the Banshee: Ah, I can sense the power of the seal of demonrage burning in your heart. Have you passed any other seal yet?

You: Yes

The Queen of the Banshee: So, you have managed to pass the seal of the true path. Have you passed any other seal yet?

You: Yes

The Queen of the Banshee: I see! You have mastered the seal of logic. You have made the sacrifice, you have seen the unseen, you possess fortitude, you have filled yourself with power and found your path. You may ask me for my kiss now.

You: Kiss

The Queen of the Banshee: Are you prepared to receive my kiss, even though this will mean that your death as well as a part of your soul will forever belong to me, my dear?

You: Yes

Now you will be teleported to a place below Ghostland. You will see your own dead body here.

Final Room

Now when you done all seals you will need to make the Final Room. The final room is hard and can only be done once (which means you can't get help from someone that already completed the quest). The final room is located near The Queen of the Banshees. It's easier if you go to her by the catacombs of Isle of the Kings. To get access to the Isle of the Kings make Family Brooch Quest. Now travel to the Isle of the Kings. Here's the location of the catacombs.

If you don't got access to there then talk with Costello nearby about Brother Fugio and he will make you get access to the catacombs. Get to the stairs located at the lightblue circle .Clean the Banshee Queen room again. This time enter the doors with the blinking handles and go south through a lvl 60+ door and 7 doors with blinking handles. It's recomended to let stronger people in the team clean.If you go down you won't be able to get back up.

The room got 6 Banshees, 2 Dragon Lords and 2 Giant Spiders. Kill the creatures and take the loot from the chests. The chests are located in the 4 corners and 2 chests near the teleport. Take all the loot.Just go through the teleporter.

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