Tibia Combat Strategy Guide

Published: 08th December 2009
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This is a little compilation of useful combat tips. If you observe them, they may save your character's life one day!

Know Your Enemy
Ever since Sun-Tzu wrote his famous treatise on the art of war, generals have known how important it is to study the enemy you are fighting against. Things are by no means different in Tibia: creatures have different strengths and weaknesses, and you should know them all. Make investigations. Study them. Remember you can check out our list of all creatures in the library section or ask veteran players. And most of all, be wary whenever you meet a new creature. If you carelessly bump into a new enemy, you may quickly learn its strengths the hard way!
Know Your Surroundings
Knowing the terrain your character is moving in is also important. You should always have a general idea of your surroundings so that you know which direction to run if your character is in trouble. After all, there is no point in fleeing from a drooling giant spider only to find yourself looking into the mocking faces of a couple of bloodthirsty hunters!
Be careful when exploring, but explore as much as you can. Eventually you will learn to use your knowledge of the land against your enemies.
Cooperate with Other Players
It is a mistake to believe that 2 characters are twice as strong as one - in fact, 2 characters that are well attuned to each other are much, much stronger than solitary fighters! In a team, characters can fully exploit their individual strengths while relying on others to make up for their weaknesses. An experienced group of characters that concentrates its firepower on one enemy can bring down the toughest creature in no time!
Moreover, keep in mind that characters can also cooperate in many different ways: for example, they can rope each other through holes, they can carry equipment for each other etc. Just think how glad you will be if your character dies and a friend of yours is ready to save your lost equipment!
Avoid Getting Cornered
Characters that are surrounded by enemies often have a hard time to escape. Remember even weak creatures can hand out hefty damage if there are too many of them. Remember that no matter how high your character's shielding skill, you will not be able to block more than 2 opponents at a time! Always make sure your characters are placed in positions where no more than 2 enemies can attack them at a time - ideally you should also have an escape route in case something goes dreadfully wrong.
However, if one of your characters ever gets cornered, you can try pushing an opponent away. You have to be quick to move out once you have pushed him, though, because your opponent will probably move back into position as soon as possible. Also, note that pushing will not work with all creatures.
Plan Your Attacks
While charging head-on into battle may have its charms you should keep in mind that the most dangerous enemies are those who plan their actions well. You should do just like them - prepare a strategy based on what you know about your adversaries and put it into practice in a deliberate, systematic way. Finish off opponents one at a time, starting with the most dangerous one. Make sure your first opponent is dead before you start attacking another one - remember a heavily wounded enemy can still attack as viciously as a healthy one. More importantly, you should always think about your character's safety. You should try to figure out how you can protect your character best - perhaps you can find a way to attack enemies from where they cannot even reach your character. While this may not be particularly heroic it will definitely help to extend your character's life expectancy. Reserve honourable fighting for combat against other characters.
Have a Backup Plan Ready
Remember even the most fool-proof of plans can fail, and even if something has worked perfectly for a thousand times it may still fail spectacularly next time you are trying it out. You should be prepared for that - always expect the unexpected! Have some healing magic available at all time, and be prepared to get your characters out alive from whatever situation they may possibly encounter. Most of all, don't hesitate to run if you find a battle is too tough. Remember those who run away from a lost battle will live to fight another day!
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