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Published: 08th January 2010
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Like its title indicates, this menu offers a variety of options that will allow you to change the graphics settings of the client.

Fullscreen Mode

You can play Tibia both in a fullscreen mode and in a windowed mode. In fullscreen mode, Tibia will take up the whole screen, while it is possible to modify the client's size if the windowed mode is activated. You can toggle between the 2 modes by using this option. Alternatively, pressing either of the shortcuts Ctrl+F or Alt+Enter will have the same effect.

Available Resolutions

Select the resolution of your choice in this box. Please note that the client will only be displayed in the set resolution if the fullsceen mode is activated. If you are running Tibia in windowed mode, the client's resolution will be adapted automatically to match the current resolution of the desktop.

Advanced Options

Select Graphics Engine

The Tibia client supports DirectX version 5.0, DirectX version 9.0 and OpenGL. In general the client will select the best graphics engine for you when you log in for the the first time. Here you can choose which graphics engine you would like to play with Tibia if you should experience problems with the pre-selected one. Note that it is impossible to select a graphics engine that is not supported by your computer.

Set Ambient Light

Here you can determine the brightness of your ambience. If you prefer to play in a mysterious and dark surrounding, you should set the ambient light slide bar as low as possible. Players that rather like to see everything in a bright light, should position the bar at 100%.

Show Light Effects

Not all graphics cards are capable of drawing light effects fast enough for Tibia to run smoothly. If your system is working with such a graphics card, it may be a good idea to deactivate the light effects in order to improve overall game performance. However, this will cause the light effects to be replaced by a rather ungainly mesh of black dots, so Tibia will not look as nice as it could. Note that this option will be disabled if your graphics card is not able to draw light effects at all.

Don't Stretch/Shrink Game Window

The stretching and shrinking of graphics to adapt the size of the game window is another process which can take up a lot of performance. If you check this option, the game window can only be displayed in its original size, which will make your graphics card's job easier and improve performance.

When you start Tibia for the first time, the client will work out automatically whether or not your graphics card supports stretching and set this option accordingly.

Windows Mouse Pointer

It can happen that your graphics card is not capable of drawing the Windows mouse pointer correctly. You will recognise that this is the case if the mouse pointer flickers. To counter this effect you can disable this option, which will cause Tibia to use its own mouse pointer.

Adjust Framerate Limit

By using this slide bar you can modify the preset framerate limit. The default setting is "max", i.e. the client will try to produce as many frames as possible. If you find your computer's performance is bad when running Tibia, you should try reducing the framerate.

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