Tibia Moving Items Introduction

Published: 10th December 2009
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This time,I would like to introduce you the moveing items to use in tibia ,hope you can learn much more from it when you are playing tibia game!

(a) Drag&Drop

In Tibia, items are moved using "drag&drop". In other words, to move an item you must left-click on it, then pull it on the place you want it to be, holding down the mouse button. For example, if you would like to take an item, simply drag it on your backpack and let go of the mouse button. Your character does not have to be placed next to the item you would like to take, because characters move automatically towards the desired objects before they pick them up. If you would like to throw an item away, click on it and drag it onto the game window. The item will be dropped on the spot where you let go of the mouse button. Of course, your character cannot throw items through obstacles like walls. Also, note that heavy items such as furniture can only be moved one field away from your character at a time.

( b) Moving Stacks of Items

If you would like to move a stack such as a heap of gold, a small dialog will open up in which you will be asked how many items you would like to move. You can modify the number of items you would like to move by using the slide bar or by typing the amount with the keyboard. There are 2 shortcuts in order to speed up the process of moving stacked items: if you drag the stack while holding down the Shift button, you will only move one stacked item at a time. On the other hand, if you keep your finger on the Ctrl key while you are dragging the items, the whole stack will be moved at once.

(c) Moving Wall Decorations

Drag&drop is also used to put up or take down wall decorations such as cuckoo clocks, tapestries and paintings. Simply place your character in front of a suitable wall and drag the decoration onto it. Note, however, that wall decorations may only be put up on walls facing south and east. You cannot place decorations on windows, doors or southeast corner walls. Also, wall decorations may not be placed on walls that are already decorated. Finally, please note that some wall decorations cannot be moved at all.

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