Tibia Party Mode Introduction

Published: 02nd February 2010
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Players can form groups called "parties". All members of a party are automatically invited to the party channel . Parties are useful if you would like to hunt, train or have a duel with a friend, because the party mode allows its members to attack or kill each other without negative consequences. For this reason characters within the same party do not only have a shield mark but also a skull mark beneath their names on open PvP game worlds. The skull mark is green if the character has no other skull mark, and it can only be seen by members of same party. Keep in mind that you are running a risk whenever you join a party, because any party member can attack and even kill you without receiving a skull mark.

a) How to Form a Party

If you want to form a party, you have to invite another character. Simply right-click on the other character and select "Invite to Party". This character can accept your invitation by right-clicking your character and selecting "Join XXX's Party". The player who has invited the others automatically becomes the leader of the party. Any further characters that join will become members of the party.

The party-status of a member is indicated by a small shield mark beneath the character's name:

leader of your party

member of your party

leader of the party to which you are invited

character that has been invited to your party, but has not joined yet

Please note that each character can only be a member of one party at a time. Moreover, only the party leader can invite further characters. Additionally, a leader can always pass the leadership on to any other member of the party by right-clicking on a member and by selecting "Pass Leadership".

b) How to Leave a Party

You can leave a party by right-clicking on yourself and selecting "Leave Party". Please note that you cannot leave a party if you have a logout block. If you leave a party, your character's shield mark vanishes immediately. Also, the character's skull mark will blink noticeably for 5 seconds to warn other players that you have left the party, and that further attacks may be judged as unjustified violence. You will be dismissed from a party if you log out or you get disconnected. If the leader leaves the party or gets disconnected, the leadership will automatically be forwarded to the first invited member. If this character decides to leave the party, the second character that was invited will become leader and so on.

c) Shared Experience

To share experience points, the leader of your party must activate this feature via the context menu. If shared experience is activated, an experience bonus of 5% is granted if the defeated creature usually yields at least 20 experience points. To activate shared experience, the leader must not have a battle sign and the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  1. Only characters that are of similar levels can share experience when hunting together. To be more precise, the lowest character in a party may not have less than two-thirds of the levels of the highest character. This means a level 40 can share experience with a level 60 but not with a level 20; or a level 200 can share experience with a level 300.

  2. The distance of all party members to the leader must be smaller or equal to 30 fields, this works also if you are one floor up or down.

  3. Finally, all party members must be actively involved. This means they must either have healed another member or attacked an aggressive monster.

  One of these 2 symbols appears beneath your character's name if all conditions are fulfilled. In this case the experience points a creature is yielding are distributed evenly between all party members. If the division of the experience points does not result in whole numbers, the result will be rounded up to the next integer. The share of a member who gets less or no experience points caused by too little stamina is reduced from the complete sum and does not affect the amount of experience points the other members are receiving. Players whose share of experience points equals at least their level will also gain soul points while hunting. In case a party member has a summon, the summon will receive its part of the experience before the shared experience is calculated.

 One of these 2 symbols appears beneath your character's name if one of the above mentioned conditions are not fulfilled. Now shared experience is deactivated until all party members fulfil all requirements again. You can easily recognise the members who do not meet the conditions by their flashing party icon. If you are that person, simply heal a party member or deal damage to a monster; or get back into the leader's range to activate shared experience again for your party. If shared experience is deactivated because the highest level has gained a level, it will not be activated until the lowest level has caught up to have no less than two-thirds of the highest character again.

Whenever, shared experience is deactivated, the experience points will be distributed according to the damage every member has been dealing out.

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