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Published: 27th November 2009
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When in a Fight Each Vocation has a purpose, going into a fight overloaded with one
Voc will put you at a disadvantage, While fighting with a healthy mix, and knowing
the correct way will insure Victory.

1.Knowing your Purpose

One of the Main things is knowing your Vocations. Running into the middle of the
fight as a Sorcerer will only lead to disaster, while staying back with a knight
would be a huge waste. Knowing your Purpose on the Battle Field is the key.

Most of us have Seen the movies, With the Great Sorcerers like Tha Maverick Sorcerer
Running in and Making the other team look like fools but in open battle, When you
dont have a large lvl advantage this will only lead to disaster. Probably the only
thing that kept Sorcerers like them alive was the Speed.

2.PvP skills-Rune Aim

An important Part is being Able to hit with runes when you want to hit, Missing a Sd
that could of Dropped the enemies Main person is not an option.

A Good way to Practice this is to Take LMMS, to Cyclops or Even just using them on
yourself to get your Aim down. Being able to Predict where the enemy goes is more
about instincts. Again you can practice by using lmms but basically this is somthing
you gain over time and experience.

Aim and Being able to Predict where your enemy is going is the two main parts of
Rune aim, and i said them seperate because thats what they are. mainy ppl can shoot
well enough when a player is slow, but when the players start to get faster they
shoot runes that are 5 spaces off their targets because of a sudden turn. Its quite
funny with someone misses a GFB

3.Staying Calm

Many people get Over-excited when in a fight, the adrenaline starts running and they
make Stupid mistakes, like falling into a trap.

Stay calm, And always thing b4 you act. Now with 7.5 There are no more uh traps but
still you can make stupid Mistake that get you trapped. Or make you lose an
oppurtunity to get away.

Come prepared and know the Situation, and watch out for common moves like
Mass-Logins. or ambushes.


Always communicate with your guild mates, if you dont you die, easy as
that. If You have someoen in a trap that you wont be able to hold for long, the
speed at which your Allies get to your spot could mean wether that man dies or not.
And much of the time it is One kill that causes the enemy to retreat.

Communication is the absolute key to victory.
Thanks for your reading,and hope this guide can help you win in PVP world and can make much more tibia money and tibia items for your character in the game!

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