Tibia Trading Guide

Published: 03rd December 2009
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Trading would be one of the necessary thing in any game,you can buy or sell what items you want or don't want in the game,this tibia trading guide would help you to know much more tibia training clearly ,hope you can like it !

Trading Items with NPCs

If you would like to sell some items that you have achieved in your numerous fights, or if you want to buy some new equipment, ask an NPC for a trade. A new window will open up on the right side of the adventure screen. By pressing either Sell or Buy, you can quickly see which items you can sell to or buy from an NPC. To find a certain item more quickly, you can select "Sort by price" or "Sort by weight" by right-clicking on the trade window. If you select an item, also its graphic will be displayed. By clicking on the graphic, you will gain information on this item. The price is quoted behind an item. By using the slide bar, you can comfortably select how many of an item you would like to buy or sell. The selected amount, the price for the selected number of items, and the money you have in your inventory are shown below the slide bar. If you have forgotten to bring enough shopping bags to carry all your wares, right-click on the trade window and select "Buy with backpacks" to get your shopping practically packed into backpacks for a small fee of 20 gold pieces per backpack. Finally, press "Ok" to confirm the trade.

If you do not have enough money, space or capacity, a warning message will be displayed and the trade fails. Simply lower the amount of items on the slide bar until you meet all conditions to complete the trade. If you want to complete the trade, even though you do not have the needed capacity, simply right-click on the trade window and select "Ignore capacity". Note, however, that all items that exceed your capacity will end up laying on the floor below your character.

Trading Items with Other Players

Although you can buy a lot of good equipment in the various shops, you will soon realise that the best items are actually sold by other players. Watch out for interesting offers. If you do not find the item you are looking for, you may consider having a look at the trade channel or on your world's trade board.

Once you have found somebody who is offering the item you are looking for you should meet up with him to trade. There is a safe trade option in Tibia which will allow you to trade items with other characters without having to fear that you are cheated. To initiate a safe trade open up a context menu by right-clicking on the item you wish to trade, then select "Trade with ...". The mouse pointer will turn into crosshairs. Now move the pointer onto the character you want to trade with and confirm by clicking on the left mouse button. The player will receive a message written in green letters that you are offering to trade an item.

If a player offers something in exchange, a trade dialog will open up in which you will see all items that are on offer. You can now inspect them by clicking on the items on offer with the right mouse button. If you are happy with the item your trading partner is offering, you should click on accept. If your partner does the same, the trade will be executed, provided that both trading partners have enough capacity left to carry the new items. Please note that it is not possible to modify an offer in the safe trade dialog. Trying to do so will result in a cancellation of the deal. If you are not satisfied with your partner's offer, simply click on "Reject" and start a new trade. If you want to trade several items at once, place them in a container such as a bag or backpack. Right-click on the container and select "Trade with ..." to trade it including the content. To avoid misunderstandings any containers that are on offer will be opened, and their contents will be shown. You should keep in mind that it is not possible to trade more than 100 items at a time.

Note: Even though there are other ways to trade items in Tibia, we strongly recommend you always use the safe trade mode to avoid unnecessary risks. Keep in mind that thieving is not a violation of the Tibia Rules, so the gamemasters will not be able to help you if somebody steals from you. One example for a risky trade are so-called world trades. Players that start on a new game world often try to sell their items from their old game world for items on the new one. Such world trades are in general not forbidden, but they are not supported by CipSoft. Therefore, if you get scammed in such a trade, a gamemaster cannot help you to get your items back.

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