Tibia Training Guide

Published: 01st December 2009
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If you are a Druid or Sorcerer then magic will be the key skill you will need to focus on, if you're a knight then you need to focus on your weapon and shielding, while paladins need to work on gaining shielding as well as distance fighting. Training is very important to surviving in the world of Tibia, just having a high level will not allow you to advance all that far, so be sure to fine tune your skills from time to time.

Leveling up in Tibia by hunting monsters is great. Your health and magic will advance as well as your capacity allowing you to carry more essential items. Leveling up alone though will only get you so far. Your skills are what determines your strength as a warrior or magician. A knight at level 20 with sword fighting skills being 70 and shielding being 65 can easily defeat a knight of level 30+ with weaker skills. The same goes for either of the magic casting classes.

Knights need to have good skills early on in his lifetime. Try and have your weapon skill (Axe, Club, Spear, or Sword) around 45 or more by time you reach level 15, also try and keep your shielding up around the same level. The best thing to do to advance in your skills would be one of two things, one find a partner you trust, like on of your friends. Party up using the invite to party feature and strap on a weapon according to your friends level. If they are the same level or lower use one of your weaker weapons so you won't kill them.

Once you two are partied up set your character for a full or half and half attack pattern. Then attack your partner, this will advance your skills very fast, just make sure that you watch his power and stop when he asks you. This form of training can be very profitable, and if your friend wants to join in by attacking you as well that's great because you can use your light healing spell to advance magic while healing. This is important because you need to reach magic level 4 before you can use the all important Ultimate Healing rune. moneytibia.com is an provide superior tibia money or tibia gold, Cheap Tibia power leveling,tibia items and tibia accounts.

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