Ultimate Soul Wars Botting Guide In Runescape

Published: 21st December 2010
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Do you want to bot on soul wars in runescape so you can have a life while making the most experience possible. With this guide you will be botting 24/7 without being banned, just like the pros.

Is soul wars a safe place to bot?
Absolutely, it is the safest place to bot. Why is this? Simple, the only way that you can be banned in runescape are from randoms and from being reported. Soul wars is a random free zone and no matter how long you bot for you will never get a random. Also the chances of being reported are very low in soul wars (lower than anywhere else in the game) because there are 600 people all fighting in the same spot, it makes it very difficult to distinguish one person from the next. Below are some tips on how to avoid being reported.

Rule # 1: Donít wear noticeable armor.

If you are wearing full bandos or full dragon plate armor and carrying a god sword you are more likely to be approached by other players who will want to talk to you. The problem with that is that when you are botting you cannot respond to them and they may report you.

What should I wear?

Try wearing something like rune platebody or a fighters torso with dragon plate legs or skirt, or even granite armor.

The more typical you look the better you are off.

Rule # 2: Have a challenging name to type, or donít have a memorable name.

Having a name like IlIllIITIllIIl is much harder to report then someone with the name God. Plus, if you have a username like God people are much more likely to complement you on the name or ask you about it and if you donít respond they are likely to assume you are botting.

You can also choose a non-memorable name like ohenry0923 and nobody will think anything of it. If your name is iPwnYourFace people are more likely to remember it and get threatened by it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Try and start with letters like Z in your username because in the clan chat the members might notice that you have been on for 24 hours straight if your name is memorable and starts with an A or is at the top of the list.

If you stick with a casual name then people will think that you are just another player in soul wars!

Thanks for your reading,this is collected from other where and hope that you can play much well in Runescape!

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